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T24-BSi 工业 2.4GHz 无线遥测基站

T24-BSi 工业用基站可以通过电脑,采用 T24 Telemetry Toolkit 软件配置任何 T24 无线遥测模块.

The T24-BSi can also be used to collect data from as many T24 acquisition modules as you have in your system to provide wireless datalogging functionality.

PC / Laptop connection can be made either via USB, RS232 or RS485 as you prefer.  In USB mode the power supply is derived from USB bus, while in RS232 or RS485 mode an external supply of 9-32Vdc is required.

The robust IP65 enclosure is suited to most industrial environments.  If you require a more compact base station without high environmental protection, the miniature USB-only T24-BSu base station offers the ideal alternative.

Works With All T24 Telemetry Instruments

  • USB, RS232 & RS485 Interfaces
  • IP65 Environmental Protection
  • Tough ABS Enclosure
  • Powered From USB Port (USB mode only)
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