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T24-A01 / T24-A01i 2.4GHz 无线遥测模拟输出模块

T24-A01 无线遥测模拟输出模块为 T24 无线遥测采集模块提供高精度模拟输出电压和电流信号.

Configuration of the T24-A01 & A01i is performed wirelessly via either the T24-BSu USB Base Station or the T24-BSi Industrial Base Station in conjunction with the T24 Telemetry Toolkit Software.

The T24-A01 is available in either an IP65 industrial enclosure or desktop (T24-A01i) enclosure which provide maximum ranges of 200 metres and 20 metres respectively.

 Electrical connectors are made quickly and easily by 2-part screw terminals.

  • Provides Analogue Output from any

    T24 Acquisition Module

  • User-Configurable Output:

    0-10Vdc, 4-20mA, ±10Vdc, ±5Vdc or 0-20mA

  • Choice of Desktop or Industrial Enclosure

  • Range: Up To 200 metres (20 metres for

    (desktop enclosure version)

  • Simple To Configure

You are here 应变放大与数据采集 无线遥测系统 T24-A01 / T24-A01i 2.4GHz 无线遥测模拟输出模块