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T24-ACMi 微型无线遥测采集连接模块

T24-ACMi 迷你采集模块可以为 T24 无线采集模块 T24-SA, T24-SAf, T24-IA & T24-VA 提供紧凑可靠的安装外壳.

It incorporates a mounting PCB for your chosen T24 acquisition module, simple screw-type wiring terminals, a battery holder for 2x 'AA' size batteries and an external antenna to provide improved transmission range of up to 200 metres.  You will need to purchase the external 'e' suffix version of the acquisition module to utilise this antenna.

The enclosure is rated to IP65 making it suitable for use in many tough industrial and outdoor environments.

Battery life using 2x 'AA' size cells is up to 1 year depending on the configuration of your system. 

  • For use with all T24 Acqusition Modules
  • Single Channel
  • Holds 2x 'AA' Batteries - up to 1 Year Life!
  • Miniature IP65 Rated ABS Enclosure
  • Field Connection Terminals
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